Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   Can't send or receive email
Date:   2002-10-31 11:51:32
From:   urcindalo
I use 10.2.1 / imap-2002.RC10

I just followed your two tutorials.
I simply followed the first one without changing permissions to / and /users, and tweaked according to the second one.

However, I can't get nor receive email.

I set up this way:
Account Type: IMAP
Email address:
user: myname
incoming server: -> has a STATIC IP address

Advanced Tab is as yours in the tutorial.

I simply can't receive mail, although I get no error messages nor rebounds when mailing to
When I try to send mail using my server,, I get this error form Mail:
"Outgoing server couldn't send this message. SMTP server doesn't allow protocol TLS(SSL) on port 25."

What can I try?

PS: I have /users on a dedicate partition, and /users/myname on another one. The mounting points are set up in /etc/fstab and have worked flowlessly so far (completely transparent to teh system).