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  SquirrelMail, a Web-Based Mail Server
Subject:   More on SquirrelMail
Date:   2002-11-01 15:51:19
From:   rickc
I noticed that the version of SquirrelMail used in this article was version 1.2.6. I'm happy to announce that stable version 1.2.9 was just released a couple days ago, along with development version 1.3.2.

More info on SquirrelMail:
* Just won PHPKitchen's Best Of award for Best PHP Email Client with 49.88% of 3340 votes
* Now included in Apple's OS X Server install image
* Now included on RedHat's install image
* Now included on Mandrake's install image
* Now included on Debian's install image
* Now included in BSD Ports

We're proud of our project, and of the great response it's been getting out there. Thanks for the excellent article, and keep watching http://squirrelmail.org for great new features!

-Rick Castello
"Head Nut" of the SquirrelMail Project