SquirrelMail, a Web-Based Mail Server
Subject:   More on SquirrelMail
Date:   2002-11-01 15:51:19
From:   rickc
I noticed that the version of SquirrelMail used in this article was version 1.2.6. I'm happy to announce that stable version 1.2.9 was just released a couple days ago, along with development version 1.3.2.

More info on SquirrelMail:
* Just won PHPKitchen's Best Of award for Best PHP Email Client with 49.88% of 3340 votes
* Now included in Apple's OS X Server install image
* Now included on RedHat's install image
* Now included on Mandrake's install image
* Now included on Debian's install image
* Now included in BSD Ports

We're proud of our project, and of the great response it's been getting out there. Thanks for the excellent article, and keep watching for great new features!

-Rick Castello
"Head Nut" of the SquirrelMail Project