Top Ten Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks
Subject:   Cashcow
Date:   2002-11-03 15:38:53
From:   sam_wise
Response to: Cashcow


Reality check for what? The article is excellent.

There's a free download of one of the chapters (excellent btw and the reason I ordered the book in the first place).

Uh.... One thing O'Reilly is in the business of doing is..... selling books. Visit Gene Steinberg or Bob Levitus or David Pogue or...... anyone else's site (or here and elsewhere) and you'll find the author promoting the book. Is that a sin of some kind? :)

This is one of the best sites available for free, quality info. You going to read about the Mac variants of "sudo" on Freshmeat or Linuxworld?

If it helps sell more O'Reilly books I think that's great. It took OSX to really get O'Reilly interested in things Macintosh. Now O'Reilly is one of X's greatest promoters. I think the name was easily mentioned more frequently in the last MacDEV from Apple than any other.

That's my reality check. :)