Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy
Subject:   Other options
Date:   2002-11-05 09:14:59
From:   arkham999
There are some more active things you can do.

1) Create a separate email for spam. I have my address. I use that for any web forms I need to fill out. Then treat that mail very suspiciously (route it to a separate folder if it makes it through the spam filters).

2) All my mail gets spam-filtered three times before I see it (first by Eudora Internet Mail Server's black list, then by Spam Assassin, then finally by's Baynesian filter. Of the 50+ spams I get a day, maybe 1 or 2 get through.

3) Bounce any spams that get through. Some spammers use a real return address to know which emails bounce and which get replies (to make their lists better). If you bounce the spams you get ( does this for you with the click of a button), you may be able to reduce your exposure.