Flash MX Accessibility Issues
Subject:   but...
Date:   2002-11-10 05:33:15
From:   kaipahl
re: jakob nielsen.
his messages would be more credible, if he wouldn't be published in such "highly" accessible manner like macromedia EDGE-newsletter... (flash, the nielsen-text wasn't bookmarkable, nor can the text made bigger. and putting the whole thing in flash was somewhat senseless, as it offered no additional feature over a normal web-page. just more eyecandy)

re: accessibility
i would like to see a stronger effort for lobbying not only to make laws like section508, but also giving the people the basic tools they need. are they free versions of the major screenreaders out there? is there a *free* version of bobby to test webpages?

it isn't helping the case of accessibility that nothing happened when bobby was bought by wildfire, and it's free features were cutted down.

building accessiblity in flash, is the second step. but the first step has to be giving the basic tools to the developer, that he can test the results.