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Subject:   Gentoo, sounds good, but...
Date:   2002-11-10 21:58:34
From:   anonymous2
Well, I discovered Gento quite by accident. It appeals enough that I would like to try it, but there are a number of questions.

I've run linux, since 1997 when I spotted an ad from TransAmeritec in a magazine. That was a false start , but OS/2 was going no where and I just had to try some of the didtributions. (I liked Debian and still do, but my ability to customize was limited by experience and knowledge. I tried RH, but it did not grab me. The MDLUG had a demo with SuSE 5.2 and I decided to try it myself. I was running Debian & SuSE as well as OS/2, but eventually opted for SuSE.)

I had considered trying NetBSD or OpenBSD, but never got around to it some some of the features sound intersting in Gentoo.

That said the docs I've seen seem very straight forward, but I'm wondering about what a build is really like. I would call myself a relative newbie do building kde and gnome would seem a daunting task. There is still amore limiting barrier for me and that is my connect speed to the web.

I'm afraid I'm one of the folk, lacking a wonderful thing called a dsl line or cable modem so downloading from the web is a very painful process.

i've just completed grabbing the basic livecd iso. I'm not sure what is actually on the stage 2 & 3 archives, but I can cheat a little on those as a friend does have a cable modem and an LS-120 drive, which will enable me to grab those files.

The question I have is is an install basically an impossible install for me? I have done everything I can to sqeek more bps out of my modem, an Actiontec 56k, but to no avail. 28.8 is the best I can do!

I should say I generally like SuSE, but several bugs over the years have left me less than pleased. Also, though I do like yast, I think that in some ways though convenient, it does what most Windows software does limit the end user to what the software developer allows.

I might ad that I jumped into Linux because of interest in Unix; looking for a useful tool as well as some education. I do have Win98 for one app, SolidWorks will not run, but my preference is Linux.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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