Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy
Subject:   Spam, Spam, Spam
Date:   2002-11-11 01:06:04
From:   anonymous2
I have several web based e-mail accounts. Excite and Yahoo are the two I use. Of these two the Yahoo account gets quite a large volume of spam. The Excite account is mostly used for ordering and registering items, it gets spam but not near the amount of the other.

Both accounts have spam fighting capabilities, mine are used and are maxed out for the number of filters that they can have. Yahoo has a 15 filter limit and I just saw that I can block up to 100 addresses (something else to set up). Excite has 11 filters and unlimited address blocking.

One address I will add to both are hotmail. This service seems to have the most spammers. Since no one I know sends me anything originating from a hotmail account I will reject all mail from that domain. Iíll have to read up on how messages are rejected, not sure if the mail is bounced or just goes pouf.

My ISP is Adelphia and I get very little to no spam there. Of course that address isn't used or disseminated as much as the web based ones are.

I use Mail as of mid October, before that it was OE. Both have extensive filters. I employ the use of both positive and kill filters.

My .mac account has been getting spam from basically one source. I'm not sure if the real domain is that is the address that is viewable. I have tried to bounce over ten of these mailings and all have been returned with an error form the .mac server stating that it was undeliverable. Bouncing has never worked for me.

I have recently started using Spam Cop. I'm using the free service and haven't used it long enough to be able to report a yea or nay on its effectiveness.