Building Mac Applications Using REALbasic 4.5 for Mac OS X
Subject:   realbasic rocks
Date:   2002-11-11 13:20:33
From:   anonymous2
I originally tried realbasic after reading an article about how easy it was to create interface dummies. That was three years ago and there was no Interface Builder. I thought I would dummy up an interface and test out the paradigm on some of the workers (I was creating a job tracker and I needed a little more robustness than filemaker).

After I created the interface I 'discovered' that RB has very easy connections into postgresql (or mysql). So I wired it up to test the concept. To my suprise there was enough speed to leave it alone. I never turned back. The only place that the speed was an issue is returning more than a thousand rows, dumping the data into a table takes time. I did have a problem when compiling for windows, the interface worked ok. However, printing was problematic. I hope they worked that out.

It's a great product.

I see also that 'AthenalIRC' was written in realbasic. There are people out there that are using it.