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Subject:   Why replace the Personal Web Sharing tests?
Date:   2002-11-11 13:23:19
From:   Theory
Response to: Why replace the Personal Web Sharing tests?

<blockquote> Just modify the built-in StartupItem to call your version of apachectl instead of the default location, and that way you can use the checkbox in System Preferences to control your version of Apache instead.</blockquote>

While this will work, there are a number of issues with it that you should be aware of:

  • The Apache you've compiled according to my instructions does not use the same configuration as Apple's. So, for example, unless you change the configuration to use Apple's, Personal Web Sharing won't actually work.

  • Should Apple update the Mac OS X version of Apache, there's a good chance that your changes to the Apple Apache startup script will be wiped out.

  • Everything in the /System directory hierarchy is technically for the OS only, so YMMV.

A better solution, offered by another attentive reader, is to leave the variable tests in, but rename them, e.g.,

if [ "${APACHE:=-NO-}" = "-YES-" ]; then

Then just add the new APACHE variable to the /etc/hostconfig file and you're in business.



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