Installing Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, Part 1
Subject:   OS X or OS X Server
Date:   2002-11-13 18:19:37
From:   dsimpson1
Response to: OS X or OS X Server

When I was testing scripts for these articles I was hoping that Apple had done exactly what you are suggesting to make Mac OS X server behave differently. So I bought a copy of Mac OS X Server 10.2 (updated to 10.2.1) and found that it behaved exactly the same way - shutdown scripts still don't get executed.
Of course this is a significant issue for a server operating system and I mentioned it to one of the product marketing managers for Mac OS X at Apple. I got positive confirmation that this is an important issue and that they would definately look into it.
I have been at Oracle World this week and have not had a chance to test the 10.2.2 update to see if it works differently in regards to this issue.

David Simpson