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  Real Hacking Rules!
Subject:   Hackers
Date:   2002-11-14 21:21:48
From:   anonymous2
This was a very good article for reading sake. It was an article. I enjoyed it. It was good reading. It doesn't matter. Call them what you want, hacker's, cracker's, kiddie coder's, etc... It is all just a title. If you get into someone elses system and cause damage it is costly to the company that has to pass that repair cost back to us, the consumers. If you get into someone elses system and just have a look around who really cares. If you get into someone elses system and get incriminating evidense of a companies deception to the public or the government it is investigative journalism. It is all just a title and with titles it garners respect. So, if we just quit with the titles and just start saying what it is maybe it will be less popular. As far as there being any kind of rules? Well... Rules are kind of like terms in a contract. Any contract's terms are negotiable.