Today's Unix: New All Over Again
Subject:   clarification
Date:   2002-11-18 14:30:43
From:   anonymous2
In the listing of software/tools/utilities that can help with software installation, sorry but that list was not meant to be complete. In fact, it was only a listing of things I had used recently, which was rpm (linux, okay, red hat linux) and ports on my freebsd box. I didn't mean to imply that 'ports' is equivalent to rpm, or that rpm is the only installation utility for linux. Sorry for the confusion.

As for MySql, it's not uncommon when only briefly mentioning MySql to say that for personal use it's free, check for other uses. It's quicker than saying MySql is available under GPL, and that there's also a commercial license, but you can include MySql as long as your software is... That all gets a bit wordy. However, I apologize for all of those offended with me taking the short cut description.

Sylvain Cuaz, I apologize because my directly linking Fink to ports was an error. I had not used Fink, but wanted to include a nod to it in the article. I misread something that led me to believe it was comparable to ports. However, should have checked this more closely. Note that this error wasn't in the book. Apologies.

And to whomever provided the command line workaround on root -- thanks!

Shelley Powers