Incorporating Rendezvous into Your Cocoa Applications, Part 2
Subject:   Service Types
Date:   2002-11-18 19:07:36
From:   mikebeam
Response to: Service Types


I should have mentioned this in the article, but there are many common service types that are publicly known. If you look in the file /etc/services you will see the names of the "well known" services. This file shows the service name and protocol, which you can put together into a service type: _name._protocol.

I suppose there is always the possibility of conflicting service types, and fortunately the worst thing that can happen is that your app can't connect to a service advertised with the same type name, yet really a different service (sure, this isn't really a trivial thing, but I believe the chances of conflicts are pretty low). Application designers can also give more unique service names, such as _mikebeam_rce._tcp.

About a browsing application, there is code for a service publisher/browser pair of apps that you get in the open source Rendezvous package that I mentioned in the article.

Hope that clears things up...