Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X
Subject:   It did not work for me!! Any help
Date:   2002-11-19 03:46:43
From:   anonymous2
I went throught the whole installation carefully and at the very end this is what I got

[Brian-Sherwoods-Computer:/Library/StartupItems/Tomcat] sherwood% ./Tomcat
you must be root to run ConsoleMessage
[Brian-Sherwoods-Computer:/Library/StartupItems/Tomcat] sherwood% ssh -l root localhost
root@localhost's password:
Last login: Tue Nov 19 05:35:03 2002 from localhost
Welcome to Darwin!
[Brian-Sherwoods-Computer:~] root# cd /Library/StartupItems/Tomcat/
[Brian-Sherwoods-Computer:/Library/StartupItems/Tomcat] root# ./Tomcat
Starting the Java WebServices framework
[Brian-Sherwoods-Computer:/Library/StartupItems/Tomcat] root#

The Tomcat script doesn't do anything (http://localhost:8080 doesn't work)
Can anyone help me out??