Mac in the Enterprise: An Odyssey
Subject:   There is still plenty of growing needed.
Date:   2002-11-19 10:32:58
From:   rtmoose73
There is a soft underbelly in the Mac enterprise. With the advent of Mac OS X Server (and recent updates) there is real power in the Mac enterprise, but it is far from a complete solution.
Documentation is poor if not nonexistent. Network services are operational, but can be buggy and are not fully fleshed out. And there is a real lack of guidance and direction with "Best practices" in the application of these services.
Anyone who has configured an Open Directory server with auto mounted shares can tell you they (Apple) are not done yet. There is no redundancy in critical services. For example, you can not replicate an LDAP Open Directory server for load balancing and redundancy (without great leaps of self taught unix hacking).
I really enjoy Mac OS X. It is a dream to administer and use. The platform has come a long way and most no longer feel that we have "hide" our macs in the business community. The strategy that MS sells with there enterprise products is important because it is tested and sold with a direction. But Mac OS X is not yet a major threat to MS and the power of an NT domain or Active Directory. But it can be with the tested strategies for success and more mature software.
In the mean time websites like this are the greatest resource for admins and power users. But we must continue open and frank conversations about the good and the bad.