Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework
Subject:   Confusion in the readers mind
Date:   2002-11-20 02:35:13
From:   anonymous2
I have a few comments, they may be considered critical or reactionary, but I do feel that I have been left confused by this the first article, and as a complete new commer to struts I think others may be left with this feeling of unease too.

Probably, like many others I have had struts poitned out to them in the work place, and asked to look into it for (initially) an small internal project.

And upon reading the specification thought I should get a bit of a practical grounding in the subject before endevouring on a live project.

So here I am reading your article.

All seems well with the words, and I am happily digesting the information, reading through the 'Bring on the Framework' section, I see what the framework consists of and I trust your explanation.

However, in the next section 'Configuration' you suddenly send a spear of unease through my embryonic understanding of struts. Previously you have defines the Action Class and Controller Servlet.

Now you refer to a Struts Action Servlet. It this an Acton Class or a controller servlet? Bemused I read on. Wondering if this Action Servlet is part of the framework or user defined.

But it is not mentioned again, I am left to assume that the Action Servlet is user defined, as it was not mentioned in the framework previously.

So I carry on, feeling kind of shakey on my thoughts of actions and controllers, to find the next seciton is 'Model' again, something not mentioned in the Framework overview givem, and again with a new conflict, as it is specified that the Model contains the Business Logic. Yet it has been said that the Action Class contains the Business Logic.

So which is it?

In my mind there is a three point conflict here, are action classes, truly classes or servlets? Do they contain the business logic? Or do the models, or are infact the models the Business classes and they're all servlets?

I am not going to "plow" into the second article in this series.

I hope my comments have not offended, but drawn your attention to this lack of consistency in the naming convention or references given.

Author: Professional & Certified Sun Java Developer. Holding Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering. (So not a total newbie/moron).

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