Teaching Java the Extreme Way
Subject:   For experienced programmers only
Date:   2002-11-21 12:09:36
From:   dsteinberg
Response to: For experienced programmers only

Perhaps you misunderstood the article. The student code is the five lines listed on the bottom of page one of the article. The have to write a class using the code public class Friend{} and then put a single method in it that has the code public String getName(){ return "Daniel";} .

I'm not seeing the complexity in this assignment. Second, I do want them to think of OOP first. They will certainly benefit from having loops and conditionals in their bag of tricks -- but you don't have to begin there. I think a for loop is harder to understand than the method described above.

Third, the use of interfaces is an important concept to understand early. It sounds as if the courses you have taken are teaching procedural programing using the Java programming language. Feel free to follow-up with me via this forum or email.

Thanks, Daniel