SVG On the Rise
Subject:   animators opinion
Date:   2002-11-22 16:32:09
From:   anonymous2
i have not yet seen a four-legged walk cycle being handcoded as svg and then passed through company xml pipeline designed for automatic anagram generating (aag)..

..for what?

if you want to animate anything more than a ring over rectangle, you *do* need a tool other than vi.
otherwise creating all those keyframes (about one per every frame, if you're animating a character) could prove to be a pretty sucky thing.

since svg seems to lack good authoring tool it will also lack most of those designers who could do something with it, no matter how god-send this format is in itself.
tool situation may, of-course, change.

these same designers/animators may also want to keep their creative work to themselves and not in the hands of 3l33t-kidz so complicated binary format may not feel too bad for them.
as i have it perceived, these shameless flash-people do share tutorials and other technical stuff. they may not feel too fancy for open svg.

and btw,
flash mx student price is not too bad, just $99, so there's no need for designers to "put some 3 million bucks" into their development environment.
but you can, of course, if you really want.