ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Macromedia Wish List - Do your part!
Date:   2002-11-24 06:35:26
From:   dicklacara
Many recent posts have asked if this or that will run (or can be ported) to Mac OS X.

We appreciate the questions , and have tried to answer them the best we can.

But, it always comes back to this: Mac OS X is not a currently supported platform for Macromedia Server products.

I am told that the reason is that Apple is a late entry into the general-purpose server marketplace, and there is not a large enough target for Macromedia to build a business case.

They are aware of the Mac developers, and the fact that server products for developers help sales, because the applications require deployment on some platform (if not Mac OS X).

They are also aware that such companies as Oracle and Sybase have released products for Mac OS X.

They are aware that IBM is considering the Mac as a platform for their DB/2 product.

I think that they are also aware that the Mac OS X server market, while small, is growing faster than other vendors.

I suspect that a company with the business savy of Macromedia is constantly watching the marketplace and looking for business opportunities.

We can help them to help us!

Macromedia has a formal method for fielding requests for enhancements and future products

If you would like to see a Macromedia product enhanced or made available on Mac OS X, submit a request!

Every time I publish this URL, there is a surge of requests from Mac users -- and the MM people really notice.