Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X
Subject:   startup/shutdown not working independently
Date:   2002-11-24 13:45:58
From:   anonymous2
Installation and startup at boot is working. However, during development, eg when copying servlets into the WEB-INF/classes subdirectory, it is necessary to manually shutdown and startup Tomcat for Tomcat to recognize the new "improved" class files.

I created two scripts based on the script in this article. Specifically:

# Start Tomcat
. /etc/rc.common
export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home
export CATALINA_HOME="/Library/Tomcat/Home"
export TOMCAT_HOME="/Library/Tomcat/Home"
export JWSDP_HOME="/Library/Tomcat/Home"
sh ${TOMCAT_HOME}/bin/

After executing this script, Tomcat is still inactive (the shutdown script is the same, substituting "" for "" above.

Why does the above not work? What needs to be done to get this routine to work?