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Subject:   Some very important things you failed to mention
Date:   2002-11-25 09:20:56
From:   jeb1
After you've gone through this process of making Adobe Golive's code 'valid' you now have lost any and all ability to edit that code in this application. One must maintain 'another' bloated version of the exact site to effect changes and then go through the same process prior to uploading. Perhaps Adobe Systems could and should include a few blank CD's to help out their customers.

You might have mentioned Adobe Golive's horrible CSS editor/interface which is engineered to close for no apparent reason if you preview with a browser or switch to 'Source Code' view. Imagine if the Layer Palette in Adobe Photoshop closed every time you went to another tool/process. Pretty funny stuff indeed.

Using sliced 'Smart Objects' created in Adobe Photoshop will also give you a little 'extra' from Adobe engineers - like the extra space along the top of the Smart Object for the addition of a 'control row' in its table. That's a real special treat for getting 'pixel perfect' control on your design isn't it?

The dismal integration between Adobe ImageReady & Adobe Golive makes one think these 2 products aren't from the same company but the logos on the side of the boxes indicate that they are.

Not quite like the integration between Freehand MX & Dreamweaver MX is it? Or even close.

Not to mention that Adobe Golive doesn't support SSH yet - maybe by Golive Version 8 we'll see this promoted as a 'new cutting edge technology' from the crowd up in San Jose.

With John Kranz having left Adobe Systems it will be interesting to see what happens with this application - interesting like watching a 10-car pile up out on the expressway.

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  1. Stop grousing
    2002-11-26 11:27:39  anonymous2 [View]

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