The Near Future of Digital Rights Management
Subject:   Hollywood's Apocolypse (behind the screens)
Date:   2002-11-25 13:50:28
From:   anonymous2
Yes, they are in fear for their current business model, but clearly their efforts to thwart the innovative pirate will fail. Hollywood may be able to stop the 'fair use' of protected media, but hardware hackers will always find work-arounds. This is where China's economy will shine, many companies will continue to market tools that allow fair use without worries. Still not convinced that Barney Fife, I mean Hollywood will do something stupid with that loaded gun? Examine the history of development of the SVCD standard. Super Video CD came as the cheap man's way around the DVD consortium. The Peoples Republic of China funded this baby because of licensing woes tied in with the DVD consortium. Look at a movie in SVCD format, examine the format, and you'll find that the picture quality is running a very close second to DVD. This indicates to me that cunning wins out over marketing. Right now the economy is not very good, and I have a hunch that it's because Hollywood's kitty is out of the bag. Does anyone here remember Napster? I still have yet to Buy a CD since the closing of the service. The RIAA stepped on my rights, and now I see the MPAA's boot coming. My purse strings are drawn tight on these matters, as I believe everyone else should be very wary. Final comment, share this issue with your local representitives. Let's get big business back into the board room and out of our living rooms.