Weblog:   A New Kind of Productivity Application
Subject:   Content vs. Productivity
Date:   2002-11-25 15:09:19
From:   asaweinstein
Interesting blog...I have been telling my customers for years that all of their Hardware and Software is worth virtually nothing in relation to the thousands of hours they have spent creating content WITH that Hardware and Software. Hence my continued emphasis on backup and restore technologies, storing backups offsite and other tricks to preserve the created content. I would concur on that little nugget of programmers wisdom which you wisely leapt upon to store for future use. A piece of software that chugs through data is productive only if the data is meaningful in some altered state to the user. Just like family photos, and home-movies are meaningful (other than for artistic merit) to their respective owners and their families. Useless data that is processed blazingly fast by fancy hardware and software is still useless in the end.