ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Linux installation crashes
Date:   2002-11-25 19:30:32
From:   dicklacara
Response to: Linux installation crashes

I don't know how to answer this one.

Others have installed on Linux 7.3 and others have installed on Jaguar.

Many, including myself, have had to fiddle with the second CD to get VPC/Linux to recognize it.

I don't know if this is specific to Linux 7.3 and 10.2.2 or just a CD Drive issue.

I would stick with RH 7.3.

First, see the earlier post on this forum "Redhat install can't find CDROM"

If that is not your problem, then try the following:

When it ejects the first CD, you can try various things to get it to accept the second.

1) switch to the finder, insert the second CD, wait for it to spin up.
switch back to VPC, then drag the mounted CD image to the VPC CD image (or)
capture the cd from the menu

2) if this doesn't work, try again.

3) Eject the 2nd CD with VPC (if you can) or from the Finder.
switch back to VPC
Insert the second CD and wait for it to spin up
VPC should automatically capture the CD

4) Try various combinations of the above to see if you can get the CD recognized
by VPC

I have done about 30 installs of Linux 7.2 on VPC. I invariably have problems with the
second CD. By fiddling, reinserting, I have always been able to get the CD mounted.

Let me know how it goes -- success or failure -- we will get you installed, some how.