Controlling iTunes with Perl
Subject:   If only I could install it
Date:   2002-11-25 23:10:33
From:   brian_d_foy
Response to: If only I could install it

As you say, Mac::ITunes is not ready for prime time. It is a work in progress.

However, all of the modules it needs are on CPAN. The easiest way to find any module is to go directly to For some reason does not find Mac::Path::Util, but it is on CPAN. Everything else is in the Perl modules list.

Some of the tests for the AppleScript portion seem to depend on the state of iTunes (e.g. docked or not). However, you can install the module even if the controller tests fail and the controller portion should still work. The parts of the module that deal with the library parsing do not depend on the other parts.

If you want to parse the XML music library, then you do not want Mac::iTunes anyway. The module will parse teh binary format, which, by the way, has more information about each track. The XML format does not expose everything.

If you send me any error messages you get I would be happy to help you sort it out.

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