A Look Inside Address Book
Subject:   What about the interface?
Date:   2002-11-26 08:00:13
From:   anonymous2
This is all fine and good, but why isn't there some way to do a generalized database along the same lines in regular cocoa programming? And while we're on the subject...

I use 10.1.5 currently, but happened to see 10.2 on another computer which didn't have developer tools installed. I'm trying to program a simple database but need a flexible user interface that adapts to wildly varied field lengths, while efficiently using screen space. The "edit" screen for individuals within the 10.2 address book was EXACTLY what I've been looking for (single scroll view with nicely formatted fields that expand as necessary), except of course I'd use different fields. This does not appear to be a typical interface element. How can a build a similar interface? Is there source code available somewhere?