ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Webservices
Date:   2002-11-26 08:45:31
From:   dicklacara
Response to: Webservices

I and others have been able to get "Consuming" web services to work. The reason that it doesn't work out of the box is that some Axis modules are not included with OS X (and are part of RH Linux).

The missing modules are readily available and can be downoaded and added to your existing CFMX OS X installation. I plan to cover how to do this in a later article.

To my knowledge, noone has gotten "Publishing" web services too work on the OS X port of CFMX.

The dependency of web services on external modules has been a source of problems for CFMX. I understand that Macromedia is investigating ways to remove these external dependencies. This would, likely be fixed in an updater to CFMX.

The first (and only) updater for CFMX included a version that would install on OS X ( so you didn't need to start from scratch).

It maybe just wishful thinking, but I hope to be able to use all aspects of CFMX web services on OS X, in the near future.

That said, One of the first users of the port was Christian Cantrell (Co author of CFMX FlashRemoting).

Around May, Christian gave a presentation on Flash Remoting to the FlashForward UG.
This presentation was given entirely in CFMX on Mac OS X, on Christian's TiBook.

I may be wrong, but it would appear that you can do Flash Remoting without the need to "Publish" web services.