A Technical Comparison of TTLS and PEAP
Subject:   PEAP Clarifications
Date:   2002-11-26 09:27:34
From:   anonymous2
There are several points on PEAP in this article that are either incorrect, could use some clarification, or have been changed since its writing.

1. I think it's worth mentioning that PEAP Internet Draft is being driven by Cisco, Microsoft, & RSA.

2. Microsoft does not have the only PEAP client implementation. Cisco has PEAP built into its client as well, and other open source linux groups are working on integrating PEAP support on both the client & server.

3. Since the writing of the article, Microsoft has released 802.1X w/ PEAP support in most of its desktop OS's: WinNT4.0, 95/98/ME, Win2K, & XP.

4. Both Microsoft & Cisco have PEAP authentication servers. OSC Radiator for Linux will authenticate PEAP clients. I am confident that other PEAP-capable RADIUS servers exist.

Taking these points into consideration, I wonder if the article's conclusion was a bit too skewed to imply that PEAP would not have enough industry support or distribution.

In reality, it will be corporations that deploy a RADIUS based security solution for securing 802.11 WLAN's, and not your typical SOHO. I would be willing to bet that these corporations have significant investments into Microsoft & Cisco assets. The logical conclusion is not that difficult to guess:

A) Corporations typically use MS OS and it is probable that a Cisco infrastructure exists as well.

B) PEAP Internet draft is being led by Microsoft, Cisco, & RSA.

C) Corporations will be positioned to use PEAP over TTLS.

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