Taming the Entourage Database
Subject:   Entourage -v- Palm desktop -v- iSync
Date:   2002-11-26 13:14:39
From:   ramrod
I still have trouble syncing my Palm with Entourage. I also sync with my PC at the office which is perfect. What application would give me the best software with seamless, multiplatform sysncing?. Should I be considering the mail cal and address books in OS 10.2 instead of Entourage?

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  1. Entourage -v- Palm desktop -v- iSync
    2003-06-04 13:22:08  anonymous2 [View]

    • Entourage -v- Palm desktop -v- iSync
      2003-07-22 13:57:48  anonymous2 [View]

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