Controlling iTunes with Perl
Subject:   If only I could install it
Date:   2002-11-26 15:46:19
From:   hondo77
Response to: If only I could install it

Good news about Mac::iTunes reading more than the XML file. Actually, I want the information however I can get it. I assumed the XMl file had all of it.

Okay, so I tried the installation again. Mac::Path::Util was missing, of course, so I installed it (I thought I had done that last week...hmmm...). Then I had to install Test::Prereq. Now I get the following error messages:

CHECK failed--call queue aborted.
B::Module::Info,modules_used use failed with 255 saying:
Can't locate object method "ARRAY" via package "B::begin_av" at /Library/Perl/B/Module/ line 49.

I decide to just go for it and force an install of Test::Prereq. That done, I now try and install Mac::iTunes. It looks like (after a LONG time testing) I need to install Test::Data. Make that force an install of Test::Data (I don't know what that B::Module message above is all about but it sure keeps coming up).

Now to try to install Mac::iTunes again. After hours of things like this:

t/controller.......NOK 12-1753 at t/controller.t line 43
# Failed test (t/controller.t at line 43)
# got: undef
# expected: 'true'

I finally fail with this:

Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail Failed List of Failed
t/controller.t 39 9984 44 39 88.64% 2 7-44
t/position.t 5 1280 6 5 83.33% 2-6
t/track_info.t 3 768 4 3 75.00% 2-4
4 subtests skipped.
Failed 3/17 test scripts, 82.35% okay. 47/448 subtests failed, 89.51% okay.

I'll have to do a forced install tomorrow as there aren't enough hours left today to go through all those tests today.

Anyway, you see what I mean. It's a rough install and it takes forever.

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