Subject:   Modifying EXIF data?
Date:   2002-11-27 14:37:26
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Modifying EXIF data?

The application I mentioned earlier, Curator for Mac OS X, allows adjustment to both time and date of EXIF data in the licensed version.

Now this will work for JPEG files but here's a solution for scanning image files that have an inherent creation timestamp. Before you scan an image, match your computer's date/time to that of the original image. If it's January 30, 2003 and your pictures are from December 25, 2002 and that's the date you want on your image file's creation date, then simply reset the time/date before you scan and it ought to work. I haven't tried this but I can't image it not working. This way you can save your scanned images to other image formats that don't use the EXIF standard like TIF, etc.

I think this would be handy to do especially if you cobbled up an AppleScript that gathered the Finder info from a bunch of files in a folder...

That I think is another discussion.


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