Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   Tutorial removes any privaleges for writing to "Macintosh HD"
Date:   2002-11-27 18:25:24
From:   anonymous2
I think I have figured out a simpler way to fix the permissions issues resulting from the chmod command. I went to the "Computer" directory in the Finder, and got Info on the primary drive. (In your case, "Macintosh HD"). Go into the "Ownership and Permissions" tab and click on the padlock. The default should be
Owner System
Acess Read&Write
Group admin
Access Read&Write
others Read Ony
and click on
Apply to enclose items...

You will still get denied for lack of permissions when using the "cd ~root" command with 10.2. because the tutorial needs to be updated. I hear several success stories for 10.1.5 users.

I still love the articles. Very informative and I'm learning a lot.