Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   Not just Haters...
Date:   2002-11-29 23:02:56
From:   anonymous2
Let's make it clear i don't worship MS nor am I a total hater, but when it comes to just say the truth about how MS is pushing everyone to get chained to their Net crap and see the threat it is to everyone freedom of choice then this must be said...If warnings and being watchdogs behind the butt of Gates Evil is being Flamers, so be it...This is wartime and survival matter, not just opinion on a harmless MS moves...I got the point about it, and being an MS Programmer for more then 20 years then i'm to know how difficult it is to switch from fellowing crowd...It can be done, and it is not a matter of being openminded or such...We say it loud Java is not perfect but C# is even worse. And I say it without hate...Please advise...;-)