Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   change MySQL password in 10.2 ??
Date:   2002-12-01 11:36:32
From:   anonymous2
I had several of the problems reported in the previous comments. The socket problem and starting db problem I fixed by going to
and following the 10.2 procedure
except...when I got to the password section and entered the command into terminal, I got command not found.
It may be my syntax or path that is wrong. I am a newbie at both database and terminal. The fact that I have My SQL running and connected to Your SQL (no password) in only a few hours is amazing. Evidently the tutorial/ article is pretty good. :)
Thanks to Kevin H. and O Reilly
Any help with the password problem would be greatly appreciated. TIA
steve edge/ atlanta

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