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Subject:   I'm glad somebody else saw this....
Date:   2002-12-05 12:50:30
From:   anonymous2
I've done several of these iApp presentations ever since iPhoto came out. My boss wanted me to help him make a PowerPoint presentation, and I realized we could do so much more without it (while sacrificing the ability to control the presentation itself).
I loved the slideshow it made, but realized that iMovie gave me more power to arrange it. Rather then using QT Pro, I've been doing all my work in iMovie - which makes for very large files, but as somebody else mentioned, let's you work with transitions as well as effects (the flash effect can be great when used tastefully).
People LOVE the results (hot tip - Zapfino titles add sooo much class). I've experimented along the way, throwing video in with stills, making stills out of videos, having videos pause into still shots that go black and white (way cool).
The neatest thing I've done was where I took one of these presentations, loaded it up onto 16 iBooks, and handed them out to people in a meeting - they went nuts!
PowerPoint is dead - personal video presentation is the future. Long live iMovie!!

Darian J. DeFalco

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