Morpheus Out of the Underworld
Subject:   winmx
Date:   2002-12-05 12:56:14
From:   anonymous2
I use winmx and it works great. I tried morpheus before when they didnt work so well. Im thinking of trying it again now that it is better.I dont really care that the artists arent getting paid cause they make to much even after peer to peer theft. Winmx does a download from multiple people and it also can resume from another person if the first person has disconnected you from them.
I think its great that this is available and i think that there will always be a market for the actual cd, it might just shrink a little.But like i said before, they make to much anyhow. And i really dont care about the actual record companies. They cheat there artists out of almost all there money and sometimes all of it. There greedier than file sharing network users. Maybe if they lowered the prices on cd's(20 bucks is ridiculous) then maybe people would buy more instead of downloading it.