Subject:   Maybe Sun should change IT'S JDO
Date:   2002-12-06 08:31:24
From:   anonymous2
Your main points seem to be:

  1. Castor released a O/R data binding tool for Java around the time Sun got around to creating a committee to spend 2 years designing an inferior standard.

  2. Castor uses the name JDO when they are not JDO compliant

  3. Castor has been using the name JDO since the above named committee formed, releasing real, usable technology.

  4. Castor is attempting to implement ODMG OQL as their query language, instead of creating YANOQL (Yet Another Object Query Language), like Sun's JDO did with JDOQL (which includes OQL in the acronum, and yet is not at all related to OQL? Maybe ODMG should come after Sun...)

  5. Sun has now finally pushed the JDO standard out the door, requiring either code generation or byte code modification, two options that are plainly inferior to Castor's reflective methods, and Castor doesn't want to jump on board our little bandwagon, so let's go after them.

From the above points I would suggest one of 2 things:

  1. Sun recall the JDO spec and make it more like Castor JDO (being a more sensible design, altogether), like they did with JAXB and the first design.

  2. Sun rename their inferior technology so as not to pollute the good name and reputation of Castor JDO