Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   Request intermediate-level info
Date:   2002-12-06 19:53:14
From:   myacavone
I think it's great this series will be updated for 10.2. I also think using a specific project like cron is very helpful as a launching point.

However, what I'm really interested in is a more intermediate set of articles. For instance, last weekend I spent hours building LAME 3.93 from source. There was a lot to learn, including how the heck to update the shell path so that I could actually use the app. That was a real PITA, and frankly I probably hit it with a too-big hammer and could have done something more elegant had I known what I was doing.

It seems like there's so much to learn about the Terminal, and much of it is specific to OS X - every shell is different, commands have different syntax, etc. I'd like to see a 25-part series on the Terminal.

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