Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Can't receive mail, sends ok, telnet ok
Date:   2002-12-07 00:41:30
From:   anonymous2
I followed these instructions, the only hitch being that when I tried to run the update script it wouldn't work. But I just ran the command manually instead
% m4 ../m4/cf.m4 > /tmp/
% sudo cp /tmp/ /etc/mail/

I can send mail just fine from the terminal. However, when I send mail from web-based accounts to my unix account they don't arrive.
I'm a bit of a unix newbie but I have "learning unix for Mac os X", "sendmail", (the 3-inch thick o'reilly tome), and "Mac os X for unix geeks" scattered around the room. They don't seem to help, although I must admit I can't make sense out of "sendmail". Any ideas?
Oh, I ran the
%telnet localhost 25
command and it worked as it should. The port seems to be open and all. I even tried temporarily disabling my firewall to see if it was still blocking the port but that didn't help.


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  1. Can't receive mail, sends ok, telnet ok
    2002-12-17 03:02:26  idarmadi [View]

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