Weblog:   Apple, O'Reilly and Branding
Subject:   Apple skin deep? You are clueless.
Date:   2002-12-07 16:13:56
From:   anonymous2
Oh man, what on earth are you talking about? I am no expert of Apple history, but Apple either invented or pioneered vast majority of the technologies used on today's PC (Windows and Mac):

GUI, mouse, 3.5" floppy drive, SCSI, laser printer, ColorSync, Plug and Play, Ethernet, AppleTalk, OpenTransport, Newton PDA (with natural hand writing recgnition, a decade before MS Tablet PC), QuickTime, USB, Firewire, Giga Bit Ethernet, Open Source Darwin and QuickTime Stream Server, translucent color iMac, Titanium PowerBook, LCD iMac, iPod, Xserve, Mac OS X, Aqua, Quartz, iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iCal, iSync, iDVD, Rendezvous, and many more to come.

Apple has not only ignited the PC revolution, but also continues to innovate at a faster pace than MS, HP, Sun and a host of other much bigger and richer players, for the benifit of the whole computer industry. In many ways, Apple is the victim of its own inventions which have made it possible for pure box makers like Dell to parasite on other's R&D budget and undercut them in pricing. Steve Jobs is mostly right in saying that Apple is the only one left in the computer industry that is capable of innovations, and I would suggest that IBM is another.

According to an interview with the CIO of O'Reilly, the company is in the process of switching 70 to 80% their computing system to Mac OS X and could be the first corporate Switcher to Apple technology. And if you have been paying attention to Tim and virtually all other O'Reilly staffers, they are all clearly impressed with OS X and other Apple technologies. So if you think O'Reilly has depth, shouldn't you trust their judgement?