PHP with Apple's Developer Tools
Subject:   pb "directories"
Date:   2002-12-07 19:39:15
From:   NickLo
Response to: pb "directories"

Yeah I knew that they weren't actual directories which is why I wrote "directories". They're akin to a project browser BUT my point was that that's fine for source that is to be compiled but PHP isn't and you therefore need to frequently deal with REAL files and directories not gouped files.

> why would you be creating folders so often that such a thing would be a hassle?

That's an odd question...I don't think I'm unique in continually refining my directory structure in my web apps. That is after all a large part of what makes a PHP web app efficient...a carefully structured directory layout.

I think you took the auto response in presuming that I simply don't understand PB which is not the case. The point is that there are more appropriate cannot be denied that using PB for PHP is a workaround...the article itself points that out:

"Project Builder was built primarily for Cocoa developers but has many features that are useful for Web developers. Using it outside its intended realm like this, though, one tends to find small items of annoyance here and there."

Well those "small items of annoyance" build up. Look let's face it the only reason to consider PB for this type of work is erm...let's see...oh it comes free with the system...!! I count myself in that group...if there is a free, stable, usable solution built on the OS I'm using would it be smart to use it...I think it would! Sadly PB is currently not a particularly good choice. Convince me otherwise and I'll convert...simple.