The Death of HyperCard?
Subject:   HyperCard Memories
Date:   2002-12-07 23:23:36
From:   anonymous2
From time to time in my progession from casual computer user to professional programmer, I am taken back to my junior high school and my first computer class witch was in a lab running Macs and consisted of typing pratice and HyperCard. At the time, it did not seem very odd that the only application we were being taught was HyperCard, but I often wondered why as I got heavier into computers later on. I later switched to PCs, began programming and now I no longer wonder why, but instead how, my teacher, when she picked HyperCard, could possibly have had that kind of vision into what we would need as a base skillset. (This in 88, a year before WWW brought hypertext online) When I have begun to learn every markup or scripting language I have picked up, I am amazed at how much of a start I got back then.

In a fit of nostaglia, I started to search the web in hopes that a version of HC had made it's way to Windows, expecting that the program had canned long ago, but finding it alive, but (seeminly) on the ropes. I know that memories are not enough to keep a program updated and supported, but I hope that Apple will find it in their hearts to do something with HC beside letting it wither and die. If they don't plan on supporting it, take a page from Sun or Netscape and release the source, I sure some geek would love to update for OSX and (hopefully) Windows.