Weblog:   Apple, O'Reilly and Branding
Subject:   Wonderful innovators, but...
Date:   2002-12-08 10:29:08
From:   anonymous2
I have to agree that Apple has impressed me in the amount and quality of their innovations. I have used a PC all my life and the more I looked at Apple, the more I wanted to work with MacOS X and their products, which is why I bought my first Mac this summer.

However, I find it odd that depite their humanistic appeal, Apple only rallys around it's products. I understand that this tough economic times, but Apple is not doing anything for the community outside of using their products for the benefit of it's education customers. Hasn't Apple been somewhat consistently making a profit this past year or two?

For example, a lot of people here at my university are getting excited about Apple and MacOS X. We wanted to show off how great Apple's products are by giving away an Apple iPod to the top male and female finishers in a large charity race we put together (we raised over $8000 - not bad for never having done this before). We called Apple because we wanted to see if they would be willing to donate for the cause. The sad thing I found out was that while Apple claims they have a community service department, nothing has been going on there and they specifically stated they don't endorse events or donate their products for any cause.

For such a "humanistic" company, where we would think that Apple execs are down-to-earth and care about it's customers and the greater community, this was a big disappointment. While I am not switching back to a PC ever, I do hope sometime down the line that Apple gives back to the community in other ways besides pushing their products into the education market.

Don't get me wrong, what Apple has and is doing is magnificent. I really see how Apple is listening to it's customers and creating some of the greatest products in the computing realm, I just wish Apple could help out the community in a greater way.