Weblog:   Apple, O'Reilly and Branding
Subject:   branding is for cattle
Date:   2002-12-08 20:24:44
From:   anonymous2
I admire Tim for being smart and bridging various
ideas and communauties. I thought that he respected
ideas and people more than money and that form was
the way to convey content not an end to itself.

Now Tim seem to be only the cool kid on the block
that can afford the latest gizmos and enjoy showing
Come on, Apple stuff is too expensive hardware.

If only branding was skin-deep. But ruthless marketting is thouroughly displacing any human value. I hope that by becoming more and more
mainstream, Tim does not loose his values.

O'Reilly, the company, has a strong identity
tied to Open Source that goes beyond branding.

Certainly O'Reilly has expanded well beyond that
communauty. I thought that was good because
it is giving visibility to the Open Source
world. But with this Apple switch endorsing, I feel it goes the other way. Tim is in effect mere
marketting agent that force on use what decidors
have decided is good for us. An what worries me
is that Tim is very effective at that. But, I thought the Open Source communauty less conformist. :(