Weblog:   Apple, O'Reilly and Branding
Subject:   Branding and "customer delight"
Date:   2002-12-09 06:10:43
From:   invalidname
Clearly, there's a class of people who "get" O'Reilly, and zero in on the animal-cover books with a complete disregard for anything else that might be on the shelf. In that sense, an O'Reilly user is a _lot_ like an Apple user.

I have a friend who's a process consultant, and his big stick is the concept of "customer delight", ie, companies with products that people like so much, they admire or value the company just for bringing it to them. Apple is his main example... but we've tried to expand the examples to include non-geek consumer-delighting companies like Krispy Kreme and Harley Davidson. I hadn't considered Gobe's factor of a "humanistic" corporate culture - can't say whether it applies to KK or HD - but clearly it applies to the likes of Apple and O'Reilly.