Subject:   Agreed David
Date:   2002-12-10 13:06:11
From:   anonymous2
The question is not about Castor being a good O/R mapping tool or not:
* there are other good open source O/R mapping tools (hibernate...) and they don't need to use the name JDO to promote themselves
* there are some open source JDO implementations and they CAN freely use the JDO acronym (TJDO, OJB...)
* whether or not Castor JDO was named before or after the first JDO draft is not interesting, they should change their name to CastO/R for instance in order to have a clear position.

Using "Castor JDO" is simply creating confusion, it seems that Exolab guys wants to take benefits from a standard on which they never contribute. Doing like that they try to kill the standard. Not a clean approach for a company that claims to promote open source.