Subject:   Real Talk
Date:   2002-12-10 21:10:44
From:   chester8170
Please define "hack job". Hack job would imply that the code is miserable. Ironically, I got a part-time CS student to work with my code and get up to speed in minutes.

Please clarify "It will NOT work with an unmodified object model and creates an implementation headache." One of the biggest values of JDO is the separation of the object and data model.

All of this said, I recommended JDO to my management and was shot down in favor of CMP 2.0. You want to talk about real headaches, welcome to the world of CMP 2.0. Coded my own inheritance, polymorphism, and funny, I had to run everything through beans requiring additional hardware thereby increasing the cost of my app server.

Hack job or not, compared to JDO, I find CMP 2.0 miserable; in the 2 days I was able to divine from my management to eval JDO, I've coded more persistence classes than in 3 weeks with CMP 2.0.

Please give me more than buzz words to either challenge my managment or continue to acquiesce.


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