Subject:   Stealing the name
Date:   2002-12-11 06:51:23
From:   anonymous2
The Java Data Objects JSR-12 Call for Experts
went out in June 1999 and the expert group was
formed and had their first meeting in August 1999.
At that time, Exolab was using the ODMG name for
their Castor tool. But when word started spreading
about Java Data Objects (JDO), they switched their
Castor product to use the JDO name, but this
occurred after Sun announced they would use JDO
as the name of the JSR-12 API in June 1999.
When Exolab started using the JDO name,
several people contacted them and asked them to
refrain from using the JDO name, but they refused.

David's article is not criticizing Castor on
a technical basis. He is just addressing the
confusion that has existed in the market as a
result of Exolab using the JDO name, which
they definitely stole after the fact.

Exolab's use of the JDO name is like a street
merchant with an armful of cheap wristwatches
claiming to have Timex watches for sale real cheap.