Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   Building Brand Loyalty
Date:   2002-12-12 09:21:22
From:   mattcaron
One thing that might bear mentioning is that the sword cuts both ways;
just as making content available at zero cost, and being a benefit to
the community causes people to think of you first (I must have over $500
of O'Reilly books on my reference shelf, and I'm just out of college!),
a company's actions can build brand hatred. For example, all the CD's
I've bought in the past two years or so have been either used (so they
don't get any more money from it), or from indie bands that are
self-financed and produced. Why? Because I refuse to do business with
the RIAA, and this includes anyone who is an RIAA member, because they
are a bunch of troglodytes. I want to deal with hip and trendy
publishers who are in the know about how we geeks live, work and
communicate. If I want to spend a couple hundred bucks on one of those
sweet Mini-ITX boards and a sound card with an fiber-optic connection to
my thousand dollar reciever so I can play .ogg files on my stereo, then
I want to be able to rip all my CD's to .ogg format. If publishers
aren't going to play by the rules (I buy it, you get paid, then I can
port it into any format I desire, because I bought the content, none of
this DRM bullshit), then I'm not going to do business with them. Period.

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