Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   Audio publisher brand loyalty
Date:   2002-12-12 09:49:25
From:   sevenoftoine
One thing missing is that a publisher like O'Reilly has instilled brand loyalty by virtue of adherence to quality. With music, the publisher is barely ever mentioned. In the music business, it's all about the "author". Yes, there are some authors of technical books whose book I might go purchase just because they wrote it. But if I don't know the author, but see that it's an "O'Reilly", I can guess that it will be pretty good. This does not apply to music, except for maybe a couple of exceptions, such as "Real World Music" whose CDs are almost always interesting. But at the same time, they crank them out at a much more fiendish pace than books, so I can't keep up.
There was also mention of "the sheer pleasure of owning it". Well, that was much more true in the days of the LP, where you had great cover art. Now, most CDs have just a bit of insert, and barely any art at all. What's the point of owning a silly chunk of plastic? I think to make owning CDs attractive, you have to do what Radiohead did with the limited edition version of "Kid A" (IIRC) was brilliant: it's something I can keep and cherish. It's cool, unusual, and downright elegant. And you absolutely can't get it from downloading!

-- Antoine Durr